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  1. Yuki Nakata

    Yuki Nakata

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    [Album] 4Minute - Diamond (2010) - Yuki Nakata KuteTeen.tv... ::


    4Minute Vol.1 - Diamond Label: CUBE Entertainment Release Date : 2010-12-15 Genre: Dance Pop Language: Japanese After two EPs in Korea and three single releases in Japan, Korean girl group 4Minute is releasing their first full-length album! In addition to brand-new Korean-language songs like Dreams Come True (the theme song for the drama God of Study), Diamond also features Korean-language hits Hot Issue and HuH, plus the Japanese versions of Muzik and I My e Mine. Packed with 13 tracks of energetic 4Minute goodness, Diamond is a comprehensive 4Minute release that no 4Minute fan should miss! Tracklist: 01 FOR MUZIK 02 Muzik(Japanese Version) 03 BABABA 04 HOT ISSUE 05 HIDE&SEEK 06 WHO'S NEXT?(feat. BEAST) 07 HUH 08 CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND 09 WHAT A GIRL WANTS 10 FIRST 11 I My Me Mine(Japanse Version) 12 ALREADY GONE 13 DECEMBER

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