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  1. Yuki Nakata

    Yuki Nakata

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    [Dance Pop][Single] Sistar - How Dare You (2010)- Yuki Nakata ::


    Sistar - How Dare You (3rd Single) Label: Starship Entertainment Release Date : 2010.12.03 Genre: Dance Pop Language: Korean Rookie girl group Sistar is definitely pushing hard as they release their third single album in less than half a year. After Push Push and Shady Girl, the girls spin out another sassy hit with the electro-rock song "How Dare You", again produced by hitmaker Brave Brothers. The single album also includes Mighty Sistar and the hip-hop number Over. Tracklist 01. Mighty SISTAR 02. Over 03. 니까짓게 04. 니까짓게 Inst
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