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    [Album] Flo Rida - Only One Flo Pt. 1 (2010)[320k/mp3]-Yuki Nakata Kuteteen.tv.::



    Artist : Flo Rida  
    Title (Single) : Only One Flo Pt. 1
    Release Date : 2010
    Genre : Hip-Hop 
    Bitrate : 320 kbps
    Poe Boy/Atlantic recording artist Flo Rida's 
    highly anticipated third studio album, 'Only 1 
    Flo (Pt. 1),' arrives in stores and online 
    November 30th. The album is highlighted by 
    the brand new single 'Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1).
    ' Fresh off the success of his current smash single
    'Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta),' 
    which became the rapper's fourth Top 10 U.S. 
    single, Flo Rida's newest offering will be released
     in two parts, showcasing his multiple sides. 'Only 1 
    Flo (Pt. 1)' - a collection of anthems that display his 
    melodic style - will be followed by 'Only 1 Rida (Pt. 2)'
    - an edgier compilation that showcases the rapper's 
    verbal dexterity and various rhyme patterns - expected
     in the spring of 2011.
    Featuring Guest Artists: Gucci Mane, Ludacris, 
    Laza Morgan and Kevin Rudolph
    Album Producers: David Guetta, Dr. Luke 
    and Frank E, Axwell, Carlos 'LOS' Mckinney, 
    and Boi 1da 

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