[Hip Hop/Rap][Album] GD & T.O.P - GD&TOP Vol.1 (2010)[Full Album] [320k/mp3]

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    [Album] GD & T.O.P - GD&TOP Vol.1 (2010) [320k/mp3]-Yuki Nakata Kuteteen.tv.::


    Artist : GD & T.O.P - GD&TOP Vol.1
    Title : YG Entertainment
    Release Date : 2010-12-24
    Genre : Hip Hop/Rap
    Language: Korean
    Bitrate : 320 kbps
    Big Bang's trendy twosome G-Dragon and T.O.P 
    have formed the ultimate duo! GD & TOP get the
    party started with the electro hip-hop club number 
    High High, which is composed by Teddy and penned 
    by the duo. Their highly anticipated album is packed 
    with ten more group and solo tracks, including the 
    house number Oh Yeah featuring 2NE1's Park Bom 
    and T.O.P's previous digital single Turn It Up.

    Updated Full Album
    01. INTRO
    02. HIGH HIGH
    03. OH YEAH (FEAT.박봄) ==> (Download Only 2 Tracks Single: FS | HF | MF)
    04. 집에 가지마
    06. 뻑이가요
    07. OH MOM (T.O.P)
    08. 악몽 (G.D)
    09. 오늘따라 (T.O.P)
    10. 어쩌란 말이냐? (G.D)
    11. TURN IT UP (T.O.P) 

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