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    [Album] Human Nature - Vegas: Songs From Sin City (2010) [320k/mp3]-Yuki Nakata Kuteteen.tv.::


    Artist : Human Nature
    Title : Vegas: Songs From Sin City (2010) 
    Release Date : 2010-11-12 
    Genre :R&B 
    Bitrate : 320 kbps
    2010 release from the Australian vocal quartet. 
    For the past 14 months Human Nature have had 
    a seven show per week residency at Las Vegas' 
    Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino. This residency 
    has just been extended by another year. This 2010 
    album is a collection of songs inspired by their time 
    in Las Vegas and includes a duet with Barry Manilow. 
    The record was recorded in LA with some of the 
    players from Vegas and around the U.S. 

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